If you've been vaping long enough you have dripped. Way before the media declared you were evaporating toxic gases deep into your lungs, you dripped. Some remember the days of scouring to the local grocery store. Off to find the perfect organic teabag. Just to cut it up and shove it down into the
barrel of your atomizer.

Why? So you could drip, that's why. From the days of ego batteries and when 3.7 volts was the only option. The flavor was and in my opinion, always will be better dripped onto that hot caustic coil. We praised the invention of the ce5 and lost our minds at the birth of the Nautilus. And just about the time we'd decided it didn't get any better than a twist battery and a mini. These dang Filipinos started teaching us about sub-ohming and whoa! We could taste our juice again. We went through the trials and errors of a mad science lab. Rigorously testing resistance and Ohm's law. All we wanted to do was quit smoking but now we were carrying a fisherman's tackle box filled with small screwdrivers and gaskets. Replacement bits and bobs, kanthal wire and really just about anything else you would need to rebuild an army of atomizers. And let's be real honest, that is just what you left your house with.

And then from nowhere those sneaky devil's at Smoktech got us. They got us twice in fact. First they convinced all of us long time vapers that this "new regulated coil" with massive airflow and high wattage was "just as good as dripping." I'm not pointing any fingers fam. I drank the kool-Aid all day long. Second, this damn evil company got everyone in America arguing how to say their name correctly. For the last time, it's pronounced, Smok. Okay, now we got it. Subtanks exploded with a blur of leakey and inconsistent coils. But all along the way we kept saying, "at least I'm not dripping." Oh not me, I wanted to drip like I wanted a donut after 10 minutes of starting Nutrisystem. But the mess Alex, the mess Alex, you're a dad now, I'd say. You've put those crazy dripping days behind you, I'd say.

And then, as in life, the circle became complete. My cockiest of most confident employees came strutting through the doors. Cheesing like he'd just come home from prom. Holding something fresh and shiny in his hand. He boisterously asked if I'd ever heard of this new "squonk box mod?" After I'd said yes and was about to explain to him the box I'd purchased years
prior. In true Barga form, he interrupted the shit out of me and carefully described every feature and working of the device. I didn't care what he was rambling on
about but was the squonk back? Had they solved all those knacky problems from the past? I sure as hell didn't know but I also didn't know how to pass 11th grade health class and I made a baby. So who's the more smart one now!?

I bought a Vandy Vape Pulse squonk and I was gifted a Wasp Rda from a family homie. It was love at first squonk. Don't hate the player, hate the shade. Because people were throwing it. That is until they tried it. The face that you see someone give after trying the juice from a fresh build is just as gratifying as giving gifts at Christmas. I have the same dumbfounded look of astonishment after every re-wick and first inhale. Like I made myself an employee of the month award and I'm shocked to receive it. We all know that the Titanic is gonna sink but I still get a little tear ball when Leo bites it at the end.

Non-dripping friends, this post isn't meant to gloat about the glory days of vaping. Or to boast about my renewed love of the drip. No my friends, much like the preachings of Rick & Morty. These words are meant to inspire the masses. Go out and get you some dripping friends. Put your lips on their tip and inhale. But don't say I didn't warn you. Once you take the tip,
you're always gonna drip.

Are you an old drip monkey? Curious about dripping but haven't cut your wicks yet? We'd love to hear your story. Give us an email at boardwalkelixir@gmail.com
Thank you all and good vibes to you.
Boardwalk Elixir Team

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