Crushed XL Disposable - Melon Berry Crush

$ 14.00 $ 5.00

Living life without having tried Crushed XL's finest Blueberry Lemonade flavor is equivalent to sensory deprivation blindness: what is life without the main sensory experience? This wonderful vape features a sweet and sour mixture of flavors, which is good enough to replace your cravings for dessert. Made possible by ripened blueberries and freshly squeezed lemons, there simply is no viable replacement for this product. 

Package Сontents: 1 Disposable Device

Nicotine Concentrations: 5% salt nicotine by weight

Air Bar Disposable Vape Features:

  • Disposable Device
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 2.4mL of e-liquid
  • 600 puffs per device

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