Blitzd Delta 8 Seltzer- Blood Orange

$ 7.00

Brand D Squared

Citrus with a twist. 

It’s like drinking sunshine!  Zesty, citrusy, and slightly sweet its the thc seltzer meant for the everyday person. Every sip leaves you energized & focused, every moment leaves your mind bewildered and buzzed.

D Squared Worldwide offers the best delta 8 seltzer available! How does Blitzd Bev Co’s Delta 8 Seltzer work? With a kick of natural caffeine, it is non-alcoholic, calorie-free and sugar-free. Discover why many people consider this the best delta 8 seltzer available!


Designed with simple, clean ingredients, Blitzd Bev Co Delta 8 Seltzer comes in three tasty flavors: Blood Orange, Lime, and Watermelon. Ideally suited for sipping on a Saturday morning at brunch, by the pool, or after work, Blitzd Bev Co Delta 8 Seltzer is a perfect choice. Blitzd Bev Co Delta Seltzer is “THE FEEL GOOD SELTZER” and will leave you with no hangover & satisfied!

Blitzd Beverage Co has developed your premier non-alcoholic beverage on the hemp market! We have formulated our cannabinoid enhanced seltzer with the best nano technology in the world from Nano Hemp Tech Labs. The power of non-alcoholic drinks is feeling the alcoholic like buzz without all of the hangovers.

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