Boardwalk Elixir was started by a bunch of smokers. I know, I know but it gets better. Around five and a half years ago a friend had just returned from a trip to Beijing, he had brought home the usual souvenirs, key chains, candies, a few fake Rolex's and a couple of Mogwai's (ok, he didn't bring home my fictional childhood chicken eating friend but how awesome would this story be!) We were however all proud owners of a manual Joyetech 510 120mah battery. It wasn't pretty and you had better like the taste of DeKang popping on your lips and tongue but it was a gift that would forever change our lives. We saw the evolution of the recycled Limpton Tea Bags to the cartomizer. The pocket full of loose batteries turned into PCC's and then the "Ego" was born. The first mod we held was a converted flashlight with stacked batteries and we thought "Wow,how can it get better than this?"

And that's where the music stopped, while mods, clearo's and tanks were paving the way for new and better, the one thing that we saw was how quickly the market became saturated overnight with Eliquid companies. Let's not hold any punches, it got full like the line to Space Mountain on dapper day. Everyone was making the same claims, using words like "Premium, Quality, Kosher." What would make us different? Do we want to or need to be in this business? What stamp will we leave? 

Well, we believe we hit the mark. From triple checked "Lab tested Nicotine", to only buyingUS (never foreign) Kosher grade vegetable and PG glycerin. To the moment you walk  through the doors or receive your first order from Boardwalk Elixir. You will understand this is not your regular vape shop. We believe in the clichè (time to get philosophical) treat others as you wish to be treated. We believe in that to it's core and promise to do exactly that.

Our liquids are made in a food safe clean environment with a professional mixologist with over 5yrs blending experience. The amber glass is in place to help prevent UV nicotine degradation along with child warning labels, child resistant caps and safety sealed bottles. As standards and practices continue to grow so will we as a company and a supporter of our community.

Simply put we are only here for you and because of you. If we're not holding up our end let us 
know but hey, when we are doing it right, it's nice to hear that too!
Thank you all from myself and the entire Boardwalk Elixir smoke-free team,

Alex Rangel

(Big Guy That Smiles And Waves When You Walk Through The Door)