Hours of Operation     

Monday - Friday • 11ish - 8pm        

Saturday • 11ish - 9pm        

Sunday • 11ish - 7pm


If you've found yourself here, we'd like to say, thank you. Boardwalk
Elixir was created by Alex, Desi & Angel Rangel. But it wasn't just us. It took
all hands on deck, friends, family & most importantly you. Without you guys
we'd just be a few peeps making some pretty tasty E-Liquid for ourselves.


We knew from the beginning how we wanted the feel to be, but how do you bring
that plan to light? Hard work, late hours, oh, & lots of picking through people's


We jumped at any chance to re-claim, re-use or recycle any building materials.
From the cedar wrapped wooden bars to the unique custom built coffee table, we
wanted to leave as much character & feel as possible. We set out for a modern,
vintage, 1800's ambiance that would be just as inviting to the 18 year old as to the
85 year old. 


We kinda think we nailed it. Come have a seat on one of the many bar stools we
have waiting for you. Enjoy yourself while looking through custom fabricated
display nooks nestled straight into the wooden bar tops, browse through the latest
& greatest inventory proudly displayed amongst the industrial pipe shelving walls.
From beginner to advanced, mods, kits, e-liquid, drip tips & so much more. 
From the moment you walk into Boardwalk Elixir you quickly realize we're not a 
regular shop. 

As your eyes wonder around you may slowly start to notice the collection of rarities
in the shop. Custom playing cards, dice, coins, expresso bean hand lotion, organic 
cleaning options for your mods & atty's, artesian coffee bar, fruit infused drinking
water, & just maybe a homemade cookie or two.