Astro Eight Delta 8 500mg - Sour Rings Watermelon

$ 38.00

Delta-8 sour rings are a fantastic way to chill out and unwind after a productive day. Each delicious gummy is made from the purest hemp-derived Delta-8 THC and is held to the highest standards for plant-powered wellness that you can trust. The pink lemonade flavor will take you to an undeniable place of nostalgia and bliss.

Infused with industry-leading delta-8 THC -- extracted from the dankest, organic hemp -- and dosed with the utmost care and accuracy. Tested by a state-of-the-art laboratory in San Diego, CA to show consumers exactly what they are putting in their bodies. 

Recently founded but perfected through 25+ years of collective experience in the cannabis and hemp SPACE – Astro 8 was built with the mission of launching the best in class hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products by employing a unique methodology that focuses highly on quality, purity, and experience. 

This orbital approach promises that our products are only infused with the cleanest, direct-from-farm, Delta-8 THC, and that each and every one of our products are full panel tested to ensure what you’re getting - whether you’re jet fueling creativity, clearing your flight path, or simply feeling like chilling in zero gravity – is of stellar quality and purity.

Strength: 500mg (Approx. 33mg ea)

Size: 15 ct

Type: Delta 8

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