Beamer Bake Sale Multi Hitter

$ 15.00

Brand Beamer

Whether you're gearing up for a long day of hiking, hitting up a concert, or just heading out on the town with friends, the Bake Sale Multi-Hitter is the perfect piece to accompany you on the go. Made with tough silicone and borosilicate glass, so you can toss the Multi-Hitter worry-free in a pocket or bag. Next, it has a durable silicone end cap that seals the Hitter tight, allowing you to transport your smoking herbs right there in the chillum. Finally, it has an extra-deep bowl because we know there’s nothing worse than running out when you’re far from home. And if that’s not enough space for you, just flip the chillum around and fill the long end with around 1.5 to 2 grams.

Rather than a standard pinched glass end, the Multi-Hitter features a Beamer Octo-Screen that provides powerful filtration and smooth airflow, while preventing herbs from escaping into the mouthpiece.

The Multi-Hitter is also effortless to clean - just pull it apart and soak it in your favorite cleaning liquid to restore it to like-new.

  • Durable silicone and glass construction
  •  Cap allows you to safely transport smoking herbs right in the chillum
  •  Perfect for when you're on the go
  •  Suction cup end ensures the chillum stays put when not in use
  •  Featuring a Beamer Octo-Screen for powerful filtration and smooth airflow

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