Kush Kolectiv White Diamond - Berry Runtz

$ 55.00

Kush Kolectiv – Limited Edition White Diamond Dab – Berry Runtz feature a rare 2 grams of pure Berry Runtz D8 Terp Sauce in a convenient non-stick stash jar. Crafted using high-quality Hemp, our Limited Edition White Diamond Dab collection has been designed to inspire feelings of euphoria and peace while having a smoother hit than other rosin brands.

Kush Kolectiv’s Limited Edition White Diamond Dab – Berry Runtz extract gives off a sweet berry smell and has an amazing flavor profile of berries and candy. Offering sustained feelings of energy and euphoria while providing a delicious sweet berry aroma and flavor Kush Kolectiv Berry Runtz dabs are the sweet tooth’s choice in dabbing. Each non-stick jar comes with two grams of pure, clear, solvent-free Hemp-derived Berry Runtz extract, made with natural terpenes.

Brought to you by Kush Kolectiv, this top-shelf, limited edition extract is a must-have for any dabber.

2 Grams/ ea
3rd Party Lab Tested for purity and potency
Non-GMO Hemp
Natural Terpenes
Container: non-stick container to prevent waste

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