Olah 350mg CBD Disposable - Cotton Candy

$ 40.00

Brand Olah

Unmistakable, classic, and super sweet! The nostalgic flavor of this tasty treat will bring satisfaction to your day and your taste-buds. Medical grade ceramic coil, absolutely no plastics, metals, or glues. Olah uses all natural plant terpenes, derived from real plants with only a high refined, 100% pure, cannabinoid rich distillate.

Inspired by the innovators and the game-changers, the individuals that face challenges head on & boldly demand what they want from life. In short, inspired by you.

At Olah, the aim is to take away the stress and unwanted noise that is cluttering your life. Olah's natural products help you focus on what really matters — you!

Strength: 350mg total - (CBD 245mg, CBG 90mg, CBN 15mg)

Type: Broad Spectrum

Size: 1 gram

Ingredients: CBD Distillate & Natural Plant Terpenes.

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