QWIN Delta 8 Cartridges - Orange Squeeze

$ 55.00

Brand Qwin

What is Delta-8?
Delta-8 is found in cannabis and has a similar molecular structure to THC, with a much lower psychotropic potency. You will feel a pleasant "buzz" but you won't feel “stoned.” Delta-8 does share some similarities with THC. Some report that it helps stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, help calm stress, and ease aches and pains. 

Orange Squeeze: A sweet citrus flavor with a creative, upbeat experience. (Sativa)

Strength: 1000mg

Size: 1ml

Type: Delta 8

Ingredients: Whole-plant hemp extract (Δ8 derived from Cannabis Sativa L. lab-tested >0.3% Δ9 THC) and botanical terpenes.

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